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organising and decluttering

Storage Solutions for Organising and Decluttering Your Home

Dreaming of an orderly home? Let Homemaker Nunawading help you achieve it with storage solutions for everything from spice racks to linen cupboards. We know that organising and decluttering your home can feel like a big task, especially in spaces like the kitchen and bedroom. But if you follow our tips and approach the task one step at a time, you’ll see major results.

Home organisation is all about creating lasting change by implementing storage that’s easy to maintain and keep clean. So, once you’ve put in all the hard work by following our tips and tricks, you needn’t worry about revisiting another major spring clean anytime soon. Below we share our favourite storage solution ideas, where to purchase them, and bonus hacks for gaining more storage in your home!

Pantry organisation

The pantry is one of the most important spaces in the home that needs specific attention. Creating an effective storage system in your pantry will ensure everything has a home, is put back where it belongs, and will avoid the dreaded build-up. Luckily, there’re a variety of pantry organisation solutions on the market! We recommend starting with a trip to Howards Storage World. Check out their selection of sleek, clear containers – they stack neatly on top of each other allowing you to make use of your whole pantry. You can also add a variety of baskets to group specific categories – think children’s snacks, bulk-food items, pet food, and anything else that doesn’t require the packing to be removed.

Drawer storage

Drawer storage is often overlooked (out of sight, out of mind, as they say) but there’s a plethora of benefits to having neatly organised drawers. Whether it be in your bathroom, home office, kitchen, or bedroom, having clutter-free drawers is essential to creating an organised home and will be so worth it for the long term! Luckily, Howards Storage World has all the products you’ll need. Check out their array of drawer dividers and clear containers ideal for wardrobes, cabinets, and drawers.

organising and decluttering

organising and decluttering

Double-duty furniture

When working with small spaces, having furniture that doubles as storage is super helpful and not to mention incredibly practical. We recommend opting for sofas and beds that have built-in storage underneath them. This space is ideal for storing bulky items such as seasonal clothes, blankets, and cushions. When looking for furniture like bedside tables, coffee tables, and entertainment units be sure to choose pieces that have at least one drawer or cupboard – functional, practical, and if it’s from Homemaker Nunawading it’s bound to be super stylish as well.

Utilise vertical space

Vertical space is often overlooked when thinking of organising and decluttering storage solutions, instead, we always turn our focus on furniture and cupboard space. Why not step out of your comfort zone and consider using your walls as storage and display areas? We recommend adding floating shelves to your kitchen, study, bedroom, or hallway. These will create an additional decorative feature to the space, whilst allowing you to store books and baskets of items amongst home décor pieces for a stunning (and practical) styled look.

If you’re after more inspiration to get you started on your organising and decluttering journey, simply head into Homemaker Nunawading, and browse all the storage products on offer.