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end of financial year sales

End of financial year sales at Nunawading Homemaker HQ

As the end of the financial year approaches, Nunawading Homemaker HQ is gearing up for its biggest sales event of the year. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your living room, refresh your bedroom, or find the perfect kitchen gadgets, this is the time to score incredible deals on high-quality home goods. 

For those who may not know, the end of the financial year sales are a prime opportunity for savvy shoppers. Big retailers like Bed Bath N’ Table and House are looking to clear out their current stock to make room for new arrivals, which means significant discounts on a wide range of items. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from this year’s end of financial sales.


Bed Bath N’ Table

Bed Bath N’ Table has announced their clearance sale, offering up to 60% off on a variety of items. This is a perfect chance to upgrade your home décor and essentials for much less. From luxurious bed linens to stylish home accessories, there’s something for everyone in this sale. Be sure to take advantage of these fantastic discounts before the sale ends on Sunday 4 August. 



House is also offering an exceptional sale that you won’t want to miss! When you purchase the Baccarat Stone Cookset 10 piece, valued at $1,699.99, for the incredible price of $399.99, you’ll also receive a FREE Baccarat Damashiro Mizu Knife Block 7 piece, which has a recommended retail price of $839.99. This deal represents an astounding 84% savings, combining high-quality kitchen essentials with unbeatable value. 



Save up to 40% at Adairs until Wednesday 3 July. With this sale, you can bring your wishlist items straight home with you! Plus, if you’re a Linen Lovers member, enjoy an additional 5% discount on all purchases. Terms and conditions apply. Be sure to visit in store for more details. 


Provincial Home Living

From Friday 7 June to Tuesday 11 June, enjoy 20% off storewide at Provincial Home Living. Be sure to get in quick for huge savings on furniture, homewares, bed linen, bathroom accessories, kitchen and dining, and so much more.



On the hunt for a new rug to cosy up your space? Luckily you can enjoy up to 80% off a wide selection of clearance rugs and cushions at DecoRug until Sunday 30 June. 

Don’t miss out on the incredible EOFY sales at Nunawading Homemaker HQ. With substantial discounts across all departments, now is the time to invest in your home. Mark your calendar, set your budget, and get ready to shop smart and save big!

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open plan kitchen and dining room for timeless look

How To Achieve a Timeless Look in Your Home

A timeless interior exudes a sense of quiet confidence. It’s sophisticated yet feels inviting. A timeless home is neither over the top or boring. Combining a multi-layered approach, the style balances the feeling of being lived-in and curated. 

In this guide, we look at what makes a home appear timeless. We share with you some of the key things to consider if you’re wanting to achieve a timeless look in your home from colour palettes and furnishings to great reads for inspiration. 


Consider your floor plan 

If you are renovating or building a new home, before you settle on your layout, consider an open-plan design. An open-plan living area offers greater flexibility and allows for a seamless transition from one space to the next. It also allows you to decorate in a unified aesthetic across the living, dining and kitchen areas. 

Open-plan interiors work best when you are carrying the flooring, lighting or colour palette throughout all adjoining spaces. You can use materials, colour or furnishings to define a space if you do require visual separation. 

open plan kitchen and dining room for timeless look



Focus on functionality  

The most successful interiors that withstand the test of time are those that consider the functionality of the home. It may not be glamorous to think about energy efficiency, storage and durable finishes but it will pay dividends to consider these more functional elements as well as those shiny and more beautiful things. 

Timeless interiors are also ones that are scaled perfectly and in proportion. Think about how large or small our rooms are. Consider how well your furniture fits without the space. A well-proportioned interior will have furniture that is neither too large that it crams the room or too small that it seems to get lost. 


Be inspired but not bound to interior trends 

Just like fashion, interior trends come and go. If you’re committed to achieving a timeless look in your home, you’ll want to look beyond these trends and focus on styles that last and that you love. Timeless interiors tend to resist the trends and focus on an understated, yet sophisticated, style.  

Don’t rush to purchase furniture, especially big-ticket items, or cover walls in the ‘colour of the year’. Instead, add these trendy colours and materials in accent pieces like tableware, lamps, cushions and bedding. These can be changed more easily when you get tired of the style. 

Sophistication is our speciality at Urban Rhythm. Our Lennox chair is a perfect small addition to a room. 

man in leather armchair


Decorate in a classic style

apartment living room with a view to the city skyline


Timeless interiors decorated in a classic style are both enduring and unpretentious. There’s an order, yet comfort and functionality are at the forefront. 

When creating a timeless feel in your home, consider how your aesthetic works with the architecture of your home. In a classically styled home, you’ll notice mouldings, discreet cornices and window outlines. Materials and furnishing will be of quality and the colour scheme mainly neutrals and light pastels. Velvets, cottons and canvas are some of the most popular fabrics to style within a classic, timeless interior for they are elegant without being too ornate. 

A timeless, classic interior is also well balanced and you’ll find there is a play of symmetry. Rooms will be centered around a focal point such as a fireplace. For example, matching occasional chairs will flank the feature element with a mirror or large artwork above. 

Avoid overly ornate furniture and architectural details and stick with clean, classic lines that won’t date.  

kent two person chair sofa timeless furniture piece kent white armchair sitting chair timeless look

At Urban Rhythm, you can find the classic Kent Sofa and Kent Armchair. The Kent sofa balances luxury with an everyday classic design. Its graceful waterfall arms are of a traditional style, yet its clean lines and simplicity provide a modern aesthetic. 


Stick to a neutral colour palette 

bedroom with a neutral colour palette for a timeless look

Photo Source: 

In timeless interiors, neutrals have a strong presence. Opt for a neutral colour palette with splashes of colour and texture to layer in interest.  

Beiges, greys and whites, in particular, have a way of accentuating an interior and creating continuity in an open-plan space. Unlike the 60’s where oranges and browns were on trend and where pastels came into their own in the 80’s, a neutral palette never dates. 

Opting for a neutral palette doesn’t mean you can’t add personality and feeling to a home. Warm whites, for example, create an inviting space and complement an interior that has a lot of texture and natural materials. Cool whites, on the other hand, are great for neutralising spaces that flooded with natural light and work well with those decorating in a minimalist style. 

Timeless interiors aren’t all painted in white though. Cool greys add a sense of glamour and warm greys create a more relaxed feeling. Then there are the navy blues, dark greens and blacks that are often used to complement a neutral palette.    

If you’re keen to add a splash of colour to your timeless home, do so through your decorative elements such as one large item like a buffet. Also rugs, artwork, throws or cushions. Layering colour in small doses will not be too overpowering. 

Try the Alma Buffet from Urban Rhythm for that WOW factor.  

alma buffet


Modernise with art and decorative elements 

modern living room decor

Photo Source: 

When achieving a timeless look in your home, consider modernising the space with art and other decorative elements. This way, regardless of the period of your architecture or furnishings, your interior will feel classic and current. 

To help connect the artwork with the interior, use complementary colours. Even consider how the medium of the artwork impacts your space. For example, a glossy photograph of a landscape will create a fresh and modern feeling that a traditional oil painting of a landscape wouldn’t. Abstract art is always a good choice to add a modern touch. Try an artwork like Primary to add a modern pop of colour.

 modern art and decorative elements in burnt orange for a timeless look

Layering your interior with some worldly decorative elements can also enrich your interior and reinforce the timeless style. These items can be as small as a bowl on a coffee table or a link sculpture, like the Rufus Marble Sculpture on top of books or a pillow. 

Don’t underestimate a beautiful Australian-Made timber table as a perfect piece of art. Urban Rhythm’s Alpine dining table crafted from Australian Messmate has a natural, country aesthetic combined with a timeless design. It has a beautiful presence and adds to a space with its natural timber features. Paired with sophisticated dining chairs, this table will make a statement without being too ornate. 

alpine dining table

Avoid overcrowding

Editing becomes key when you’re aiming for a timeless interior. Homes of this décor style tend to respect space. There’s room to move and breathe. Furniture isn’t crowded together, and surfaces aren’t cluttered. Fixtures and fittings tend to be streamlined to allow for soft furnishings to take centre stage. Stick with quality over quantity. A well-balanced, yet sparse, room with quality furnishings and materials will present better than an overcrowded interior with poorer quality décor. 

Creating a timeless home comes down to the balance between filling the space and leaving areas open. It’s also a balance between the statement pieces and the clean simple design. 

A few simple, quality pieces can define the room with sophistication and simplicity. Urban Rhythm’s  Elle Round Marble Nested Coffee Tables paired with the Nellie Sofa Range and Jervis Buffet are for those who are seeking a timeless look yet enjoy a sense of luxury. The matt white marble top on the Elle offers a classic look, while the brushed gold (also available in black) frame adds visual interest. Check out our entire range of coffee tables at Urban Rhythm 

living room sofa

Mix old and new 

Combining finishes, furniture, and features of different eras and styles can help to create a timeless space. That’s because your interior will not dominate a particular period or a design style that may be reminiscent of an old trend. 

Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new. An antique furniture piece under a modern art piece on a crisp white wall can look incredible and very current. A beautiful old rug under a contemporary sofa of clean lines will create a timeless feel. 

Find the Maison dining chairs at Urban Rhythm. Maison Dining Chairs, Maison Carver Chair, and an Urban Rhythm Australian-made timber table are a great pairing.  Upholstered dining chairs in quality, performance fabrics offer a classic and sophisticated look. They’re also very comfortable. The Maison is an ideal chair for timeless interior mixing clean, classic lines with modern piping detail. Embrace natural materials in your finishes, fixtures and furniture such as timbers, stone, marble, cottons, linens and wool. 

Otway dining table in a timeless dining room setting

It is balance that is the essence of timeless interior design. By embracing timeless designs in your home, you are transcending trends and fads that will become old very quickly. Creating a space that resonates with enduring elegance, classic elements, thoughtful aesthetics, and a touch of personal style, you can curate a space that stands the test of time. Let your home reflect your timeless sophistication, where every detail tells a story, and the ambiance is pure comfort and beauty. 


Sourced from Urban Rhythm

hamptons style home office desk and cushioned chair

Our Best Alternatives to The Famous IKEA Desk at Nunawading

When redesigning your office or searching for the perfect desk to refresh your space, we know it can be hard to go past IKEA, but here at Nunawading we have some amazing alternatives that we are sure will impress you. Whether you are looking for a space saving solution, a sit stand desk or a natural wood style that withstands the test of time, we have got you covered. Nunawading Homemaker HQ offers a wide range of furniture stores to suit any design style from modern minimalist to traditional Hamptons and everything in between. The desk is the hero piece in any home office and study, so it is essential to do your research and find the best solution to fit your space and requirements. Today we are sharing with you our top recommendations for desks and suitable alternatives to the famous IKEA desk we see all over Instagram and Pinterest!

Natural Wood Desks

When designing a home office or redecorating your study, you can’t go past a traditional timber desk to create a classic and timeless look. Our favourite retailer to head to when searching for a classic design style is Provincial home Living. We love their range of timeless pieces in high-quality finishes that will last a lifetime. Natural timber pairs perfectly with design styles such as Hamptons style, Provincial Style and a Traditional design style. We love the Fletcher desk from Provincial Home Living in natural Elm wood for its substantial size and ample storage.

Minimalist Desks

Minimalist desks have grown in popularity over the past few years as we are embracing a more clutter-free and simple lifestyle. We have seen the popularity of the Micke, Alex and Malm desks at IKEA Nunawading and believe that we have some great alternatives that provide you with a similar minimalist look. Head into stores such as Adairs, Provincial Home Living and Koala Living to check out their great range of desks in a variety of styles to suit your home office. When designing in a minimalist way we suggest sticking to neutral colours for your furniture such as a simple white, a light timber or classic black. Opt for a style that has clean lines and sleek edges with minimal storage to avoid clutter building up over time. We love the Lucia desk from Provincial Home Living as it has a classic shape with clean lines and comes in the perfect shade of white to suit any minimal home office style.

Sit-stand Desks

We are spending a lot more time working from home these days and the hours sitting in front of a screen can quickly add up. Therefore, choosing an ergonomic solution and taking into consideration how much time you spend sitting down is essential when designing a home office space. Sit-stand desks are an amazing solution that have grown in popularity for good reason. They allow you to adjust your desk with a simple click of a button to transform it from a traditional sitting desk to a place where you can stand up freely and work. There are many health benefits to a sit stand desk including the relief from back pain, improved productivity, assistance in burning more calories and increased concentration.

Space-saving desks

If you are incorporating a desk setup into an existing space, have a small room to work with or are simply short on space in the home, then a compact desk is the perfect solution for you. Desks don’t need to be as oversized as we no longer need to allow for large computers, big monitors and filing cabinets to store an abundance of files. These days we can simply work with a laptop, a standard sized screen and a few desktop essentials to create an efficient and productive workspace. The Karl desk from Provincial Home Living is the perfect space saving solution as it is compact in size, yet still provides storage making use of vertical space. We also love the Anjuna desk from Adairs as it is a smaller size, yet still incorporates two large drawers for ample storage.

Shop The Perfect IKEA Alternative Desk at Nunawading Homemaker HQ

We hope that we’ve given you some inspiration and options to consider when finding your alternative to the famous IKEA desk at Nunawading Homemaker HQ. Be sure to head into our amazing retailers this weekend and find the perfect desk to suit your style, requirements and spatial needs. Reach out to our expert virtual stylist with an online appointment to help you bring the space together.

Mother's Day gift guide Nunawading

Living in Luxury: Your Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Not sure what to get the woman who has it all this Mother’s Day? Here at Nunawading Homemaker HQ, we’ve made gift-giving easy by curating a collection of luxurious Mother’s Day gifts for our Mother’s Day Gift Guide so you can treat the one you love. Below, find lavish gifts for every mum from delightful décor to soothing self-care items and entertaining essentials. All you have to do is select the items you know your mum will adore and head in centre to purchase.  


Gifts for the interior design mum

If your mum has an eye for design and wants her home to be a sanctuary full of eye-catching wall art and decorative pieces, then when it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas, you can’t go past home décor from Nunawading Homemaker HQ. First up, you’ll need a fresh and exciting piece of art to add a lovely pop of colour to any space. Then head to Bed Bath N’ Table and Urban Rhythm to shop their selection of incredible throws and cushions. Last up, a table light from Koala Living will help your mum wind down after a long day by creating the perfect mood lighting.


Gifts for the homebody mum

Self-care doesn’t just mean maintaining a beauty routine. Sometimes, self-care simply means wrapping yourself up in a cosy robe, lighting a candle or two, and relaxing on the couch (or in bed) with a good book or binge-worthy show. If this sounds like heaven to your mum, then why not upgrade her self-care routine with a plush robe and slippers from Adairs? While you’re there, be sure to check out Adairs selection of home fragrances and candles that’ll make your mum’s home smell amazing.  


Mother's Day gift guide, chopping board, coffee mug, pink fluffy robe, slippers, jewellery storage, goblet, cushion, table lamp, wall art, rug, candles

Adairs Goldie Soft Sage Taper Candles $14.99, Adairs Sherpa Mule Slipper $24.99, Adairs Ultra Soft Bathrobe $99.99, Bed Bath N’ Table Morgan & Finch Brolin Framed Canvas $79.95, DecoRug Karus Designer Rug from $1,599, House Alex Liddy Acacia Square Serving Board $119.99, House MyHouse Flora Mug Set $34.99, Howards Storage World Stackers Cable Organiser Bag $49.95, Howards Storage World Yamazaki Tower 4 Tier Jewellery Box $29.95, JB Hi-Fi De’Longhi Nespresso Gran Lattissima Automatic Capsule Coffee Machine $649, Koala Living Marga Marble Table Lamp $358, Provincial Home Living Avery Goblet $12.95, Provincial Home Living Lonie Butter Pat Large $22.95, Urban Rhythm Weave Donnatella Cushion $135. 

Gifts for the entertaining mum

If your mum’s a bit of a social butterfly and you’re searching for Mother’s Day gifts she can share with her friends, then we recommend gifting her some sturdy glassware, platters, plates, or dinnerware she can use while entertaining guests. Provincial Home Living and House’s vast collection of servingware will ensure every spread looks like a restaurant-ready masterpiece.


Gifts for the organised mum

Everyone loves an organised and functional space, especially if what you’re using to store your belongings is just as aesthetically pleasing as your furniture and décor. Howards Storage World has so many wonderful storage solutions that can help organise jewellery, cables, clothing and more. Their cable organiser bag can help hide pesky cords, and their four-tier jewellery box will be able to store all of Mum’s jewellery effectively. Mum’s space will look so good that she’ll never want to leave the house!

It can be difficult to find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts each year but with our curated list of luxurious home décor, self-care items, entertaining pieces, and organisational saviours, you’re guaranteed to bring a smile to her face. Happy Mother’s Day!

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nick scali April clearance up to 40% off

Nick Scali April Clearance

The Nick Scali April Clearance is on. Save up to 40% of selected living room, dining, and bedroom pieces. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of contemporary flair or timeless elegance, our curated selection has something for every style and every space. Shop in-store or online now.

bed bath n table mid season sale bed setting

Bed Bath N’ Table’s Mid-Season Sale – Save up to 50%

Bed Bath N’ Table’s Mid Season Sale is now on! Save up to 50% and explore new season product arrivals; from calming, nature-inspired designs to bold patterns and prints. Shop now and turn your home into a cosy and welcoming sanctuary.

Begins: Monday 18 March 2024

Ends: Sunday 28 April 2024


Category Discounts:

  • Quilt Covers Up To 35% Off
  • Sheet Sets Up To 50% Off
  • Flannelette 30% Off
  • Bedspreads & Coverlets Up To 35% Off
  • Quilts & Pillows Up To 40% Off
  • Bath Towels Up To 40% Off
  • Throws & Cushions Up To 33% Off
  • Sleepwear Up To 33% Off
  • Table Up To 25% Off
barbeques galore nunawading homemaker

Become The Favourite Party Host With Barbeques Galore At Nunawading

If you’re planning to host a gathering with friends or family soon, then you need to head into Barbeques Galore Nunawading for all the essentials. They have a great range of barbeques in all shapes and sizes, outdoor furniture, fire pits, gardening supplies and entertaining necessities to suit all your needs. When planning a gathering it is not only important to think about the food and drink, but also how you are going to create your delicious menu and what is going to allow you to do so. It is also about crafting the perfect ambience and having enough comfortable seating to ensure your guests are relaxed and taken care of. Today we are going to be sharing all our top tips for how to build the perfect ambience, the best cooking essentials and creating a gathering your friends and family won’t forget.


Barbeques For Large Gatherings

When planning your next gathering, the first thing we recommend doing is creating the guest list and working out how many people you will need to cater for. Australia is the perfect place to host outdoor soirees as our weather is beautiful many months of the year. A BBQ is the great all-rounder when it comes to at-home entertaining as you can cater to many dietary requirements and cook large amounts of food in quick succession. At Barbecues Galore Nunawading we have a huge range of barbeques that are perfect for large gatherings with burners ranging all the way up to 8 plus! Ziegler & Brown have a huge range of 6-8 burner barbeques that will become the communal hotspot at your next gathering and allow you to feed plenty of hungry mouths.


Space Saving Barbeques

Our homes are intentionally thought out to ensure we make the most of every square centimetre and that is why space saving barbeques are a hot talking point when it comes to outdoor entertaining. Often, we (understandably) prioritise large outdoor dining tables and plenty of seating options for our friends and family, which leaves limited space for other items in our outdoor entertaining areas. This is why at Barbeques Galore Nunawading they offer a range of space saving barbeques to suit your requirements. With a range of compact 2 or 3 burner barbeques you are sure to find the perfect barbeque to suit your small space. There are also options for countertop portable barbeques or barbeques that are on wheels to easily store out of sight. We love the compact Ziggy Classic Twin Grill Natural Gas BBQ in gunmetal grey for a great portable solution.


BBQ Cleaning Tips

At Barbeques Galore Nunawading they know that cleaning your barbeque and maintaining its condition is just as important as preparing delicious meals. That is why Barbeques Galore offer a wide range of products to help you in keeping your barbeque looking pristine. A great starting point is the Beefmaster 5-Piece Cleaning Set that comes with a stainless-steel scraper, scouring pad handle and a variety of sponges to suit your cleaning requirements. They also offer plenty of stainless-steel spray cleaners to ensure your barbeque stays sparkling clean at all times. And to ensure you can not only house all your delicious food, but make cleaning up a breeze, they offer a huge range of aluminium trays and drip trays in every size you could possibly need.


Furniture For Outdoor Entertaining

Lastly, when creating the perfect outdoor entertaining space for your next gathering, it is essential to think about your furniture and ensure you have enough seating options and table space to suit your needs. Barbeques Galore Nunawading have a great selection of outdoor dining tables, chairs, lounges, umbrellas and so much more. With dining sets in a variety of sizes, colours and materials they are sure to have an option to suit your home style and design preferences. We are obsessed with the Palade 9-Piece Dining Setting with it’s gorgeous timber design and beautifully padded chairs for ultimate comfort.


So, the first step to take when planning your next gathering is to head into Barbeques Galore Nunawading. It is a one stop shop for ensuring you have the perfect barbeque to suit your requirements, cleaning supplies to ensure it stays in pristine condition and an array of outdoor furniture to set the scene. Head in store this weekend to check out their amazing range to see for yourself!

choosing the correct rug size decorug living room

Choosing the Correct Rug Size with Decorug

There is so much to consider when shopping for a new rug; colour, pile, material, pattern, style and the list goes on but one of the most important elements affecting the success of your rug in any room is the size.  

In general, we tend to buy our rugs too small, which can be a deal breaker for a space because it means the rug can quickly become dwarfed by the size of the space. In a large, open plan living room, opt for a rug large enough that all your furniture can sit on the rug or at least the front legs of the sofa(s). 

Living Room Rug Sizes

It’s the rug’s responsibility to zone the space and anchor the furniture and the larger the rug, the greater the sense of luxury and warmth created in the space. If your living room is on the small side, you may opt to have your rug floating which means the edge of the rug would sit out approximately 300mm from the front feet on your sofa. Although, even in a small space, I personally prefer to have my rug partially tucked under the sofa feet (I prefer my feet on a rug than a hard floor). There are exceptions to every rule but in my book, a rug should always be longer than your sofa by at least 300mm on each side. A cowhide is the exception to the rule but the asymmetrical shape of a cowhide defies all the rules. 

Bedroom Rug Size

In the bedroom, in nearly all circumstances I opt for rugs under the bed, even if your bedrooms are carpeted. The extra layer adds literal and visual warmth and added luxury. The general rule of thumb is to buy a rug large enough that at least 500mm protrudes from each side of the bed. In terms of rug width in the bedroom, the rug should sit at least one metre from the wall in which the bed head sits and should protrude at least, approximately one metre from the end of the bed. 

Rug Sizes For Narrow Spaces

Consider carpet runners for thoroughfares such hallways, breezeways and kitchens especially where spaces may need some added warmth and layering. In long hallways, feel free to lay more than one runner, placing them at least 500mm apart. In our hallway, I’ve used a combination of different sized, coloured and patterned rugs for a relaxed, eclectic feeling in the home. In some cases, you can even utilise door mat sized rugs to help fill out such long narrow spaces.  

Rugs can be tricky things to get right. DecoRug Nunawading offer a try before you buy scheme and a returns policy so that if your rug isn’t quite right in the space you can return it and try again. It’s the best way to ensure you get it right.  

6 week pilates experience QR code element fitness

Element Fitness 6-Week Pilates Experience Program

Transform Your Body & Mind with Our 6-Week Pilates Experience Program! 💫

Embark on a journey of transformation with our uniquely designed Pilates program, tailored to revolutionize the way you move, feel, and live. Unlock the door to a new you, where core strength, flexibility, and well-being aren’t just goals—they’re your reality.


What’s Included

Unlimited Access to Over 25 Reformer Pilates Classes:
Nestled in our dedicated studio, these classes are your secret weapon for core strength, mobility, and low-impact training. Witness physical changes in as little as three sessions!

Evolt Body Scans:
Track your progress with precision. Our Evolt body scans ensure you’re not just feeling better but seeing tangible proof of your evolution.

Customized Nutrition Plan:
No matter if you’re stepping into the world of fitness for the first time or you’re a seasoned athlete, our tailored nutrition plans cater to your individual goals, making healthy eating straightforward and stress-free.

Exclusive Access to Our Relaxation Room:
Enhance your experience with access to our relaxation room, complete with a sauna and steam room. It’s the perfect way to unwind, detox, and rejuvenate after your sessions.


The Results?

Our participants rave about enhanced core strength, muscle lengthening, and increased flexibility. More than just physical changes, they report feeling more mobile, agile, and injury-free. Whether you’re a beginner, an advanced enthusiast, or someone navigating the path of recovery, this program is your gateway to a more vibrant, healthier you.


Why Choose Us?

Expert Guidance:
Our instructors are not just teachers; they’re your personal guides on this transformative journey.

Holistic Approach:
We believe in the power of combining movement with nutrition to foster not just physical, but holistic well-being.

Community Support:

Join a community of like-minded individuals who are as passionate about their health and wellness as you are.


Special Offer

Embark on this 6-week Pilates experience and feel the difference. Spaces are limited, and your journey towards a better, stronger, and more flexible you awaits.


Exclusive Bonus

Rhe first 10 people to register will receive an Element Fitness Wellness Pack absolutely free!

Don’t wait to transform your life. Join us now.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Register your interest at:

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how to find the best mattress Nunawading

How To Find The Best Mattress For You At Nunawading

If you are on the hunt for the best mattress in Melbourne there is no better destination to head to that Nunawading Homemaker HQ. When the time comes to purchase a fresh, new mattress, it is worth considering all options and conducting your research to find the perfect one to suit your needs. We spend almost half our life sleeping, so it is imperative we invest in a high-quality mattress that will stand the test of time and allow us to have the rest and relaxation we desire and deserve. If you are waking up sore and stiff or you are noticing a visible dip in your mattress, it is time for an upgrade. There are a number of things to consider when purchasing a new mattress, so today we are sharing with you our top tips for selecting the perfect mattress next time you are visiting Nunawading.

Choosing The Best Mattress For Your Sleeping Posture & Position

The way you sleep matters when considering the best mattress for your needs, so let’s discuss the best sleeping position and the perfect mattress to suit you. If you are a back sleeper, your weight is evenly distributed over your body, but to provide your spine with the most support it is recommended you opt for a medium to firm mattress. Front sleepers need extra support as well and it is suggested to avoid anything too soft as this is not supportive on the pelvis. Memory foam is a great option for front sleepers as it takes the pressure off certain areas and conforms to your body shape. If you prefer to sleep on your side, it is recommended to choose a soft to medium mattress as this takes the pressure off your shoulder and hip joints and conforms to your body position much better.

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Practicality

When selecting a new mattress, we often focus on the comfort level, plushness and overall appearance of the piece. Although these aspects are very important, it is also great to consider the practicality of the mattress and how it will suit your needs long term. Be sure to check with the sales staff at our retailers to see if they recommend flipping the mattress every so often and if this is something you can commit to. If not, it may be best to select a mattress that does not need to be flipped and has a comfort, foam topper. If you’d prefer to take your mattress home yourself, live in a small space or love convenience, then a mattress in a box option may work best for you. There are many different options, so be sure to consider the practicality and moveability of the mattress to suit your needs before purchasing. Head into Bevmarks and Harbour Lane to select the perfect mattress for you.

Cleaning & Climate Factors

Maintaining your new mattress to ensure it stays in beautiful condition for its lifespan and help alleviate symptoms of asthma or allergies is essential. When changing your sheets, we suggest giving your mattress a quick vacuum on low suction to remove any unwanted debris and dust. In the event of a spill, simply use a damp, non-abrasive white cloth to remove the stain and avoid using any cleaning chemicals that may cause damage. If you are prone to allergies, it is recommended you opt for a memory foam mattress as this material has closed pores that deter dust mites. To avoid stains and sweating we suggest using organic cotton sheets for breathability and selecting a seasonal quilt insert.

Try Before You Buy

When selecting your mattress at Nunawading we suggest heading into our amazing retailers like Bevmarks, Nick Scali and Harbour Lane. Here you’ll find helpful staff that can answer all your questions on the best mattress for you, the best sleeping position, what mattress will suit your lifestyle and the best option to fit into your budget. We recommend trying your mattress out before buying and testing a few options in store to see what you find the most comfortable. Take your time when testing out the mattresses, get comfortable and lie down to see how the mattress supports your body. Try out a few different materials, thicknesses and plushness levels as you may find your preferences have changed since the last time you purchased a mattress. Be sure to ask plenty of questions as our friendly staff are there to help assist you in finding the best mattress for your needs.