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    Storage Solutions For Organising & Decluttering Your Home

    The most enjoyable part about decluttering and organising your home is the shopping for and implementation of storage solutions! Once your decluttering is complete and you know exactly which items you need to sort in your home it is time to start organising! We recommend firstly, heading onto Pinterest or reading some organisation blogs to ignite some inspiration, help you envision what your space will look like and prompt ideas about what items you need. Below we share our favourite storage solutions ideas, where to purchase them and tricks for gaining more storage in your home.


    Pantry Organisation

    The pantry is one of those tricky areas of the home that needs specific attention and systems in order to work effectively and not become cluttered over time. There are a variety of pantry organisation solutions on the market, and it is hard to know where to begin. We recommend starting with the OXO Pop 2.0 range from Howard’s Storage World. This range of sleek, clear containers has a minimal aesthetic and allows you to store all your pantry needs in a variety of sized containers. They also stack neatly on top of each other allowing you to make use of the full height of shelves in your pantry.  We also recommend adding a variety of baskets in different sizes that you can group like-minded items in such as children’s snacks, bulk-food items, pet food and anything else you don’t need to remove packaging on. Creating a system in your pantry and storing items in an organised way ensures everything has its place, is put back where it belongs and avoids the dreaded build-up.



    Drawer Storage

    Drawer storage solutions are frequently overlooked when organising a home as they are often considered ‘out of sight, out of mind’. This can be quite the oversight as the benefits of having neatly organised drawers in your bathroom vanity, home office, kitchen and bedroom are so worth it! Using clear containers to divide and organise items such as the SmartStore range from Howard’s Storage World are a lifesaver in your bathroom vanity and kitchen drawers. They create a minimal look, allow you to group like-minded items together and are easily removable if you need to transfer items or clean. We also recommend using drawer dividers in your bedroom drawers, to ensure clothes stay neatly organised and avoid grouping into one big mess. Having clearly displayed and clutter-free drawers is essential in creating an organised home and will ensure these areas stay neat and tidy for the long term.





    You Can Never Have Too Many Baskets

    Baskets are one of our favourite items to use to organise our home as they are not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well! Baskets can be used for storing items in pretty much any room of the house. Fox example toys in children’s rooms, shoes in an entryway, toilet rolls in a bathroom, blankets in a living room and so much more! They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to suit any design style from minimalist and modern to coastal and Hamptons. We recommend adding large woven baskets to rooms such as kids’ rooms, living rooms and bedrooms to store a variety of items in an aesthetically pleasing way. Baskets can also be used inside cupboards such as the linen closet to store sheet sets and towels. We love the rattan range from Howard’s Storage World as they come in a plethora of different shapes and styles!



    Double-duty Furniture

    When working with small spaces or a home that you want to be highly functional, it is essential that many furniture items have a double duty. This means they not only look great but have a functional purpose too! We recommend opting for sofas and beds that have built in storage underneath allowing you to store blankets, cushions or seasonal clothes. When choosing furniture such as bedside tables, coffee tables and entertainment units it is essential to pick pieces that have at least one drawer or cupboard. By choosing furniture pieces that are not only beautiful, but have functional storage allows you to organise your home in in a practical way.


    Use Vertical Space

    Vertical space in the home is often overlooked as a storage solution as we focus on furniture and cupboard space itself. We recommend stepping outside the box and having a think about how you can use your walls as potential storage and display areas. A great option is to add some floating shelves to areas such as the kitchen, study, bedroom or hallway. Not only do they create a decorative feature, but you can store books and baskets of items amongst home décor pieces for a styled look. We also suggest ensuring both your kitchen and laundry have adequate overhead cabinetry in order to store items in a neat and organised way.


    If you are after more tips, tricks and inspiration to get you started on your de-cluttering journey, then come along to our workshop on Saturday the 27th of March! The girls from The Art of Decluttering are presenting 6 Keys to decluttering success and it is sure to help you reclaim your home as a peaceful retreat. We look forward to seeing you there!


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