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Top tips to style your home office

As we find ourselves making the permanent shift to working from home the need for a home office has never been greater. Some of you may have set up a make-shift workspace that needs some TLC, or you may have the luxury of a designated workspace.

Regardless, of size or location, a home office can often become a neglected space with all the functionality but lacks aesthetic. If you’re suffering from cabin fever and your home office is looking a little drab, it’s time to give it a lift.

We share our top tips for styling your home office so you can find working from home more inspiring and productive.

10 tips for styling a home office

1. Assess the position of your desk

Positioning your desk against a wall is often the go-to, but does it best suit your space and working style? You may find the space feels larger and flows better with the desk positioned in the middle of your room. Relocating your desk so that it faces a window can create a more appealing workspace. Simply playing with the position of your desk can reinvigorate your home office.

2. Look behind you

When arranging or rearranging your home office layout, it’s worth looking at what’s behind you. In this current climate, online meetings are the way of the norm. Consider what your colleagues and clients are looking at during a video call. You can style it professionally with artwork from stores like Adairs or curated shelving – much more interesting than a blank wall!

3. Declutter

Decluttering your home office gives you a clean slate to style. It also creates a sense of order and calm, allowing the creative thoughts to flow. Tidy up those piles of papers, organise any cables and wires and clean out your bookcases.

4. Optimise your lighting

If your home office is looking a little drab, consider how you illuminate the space. Instead of relying solely on your overhead lighting, introduce a task or table lamp to add warmth to your study and light up your work area. Koala & Tree has plenty of options for your office space.

5. Incorporate colour and texture

Is your home office looking a little bland and utilitarian? If the minimalist approach isn’t your jam, don’t be afraid to go bold and style with colour, texture and pattern. Experiment with the on-trend stripes or spring colours such as earthy tones, warm oranges and bright pops of yellow. Add richness to the space through textured furniture such as a rattan occasional chair or a timber bookcase. Our tip is to find these at home furniture stores rather than your typical office supplier.

6. Layer with greenery

Being stuck in front of a computer all day is much more pleasurable when there are living plants in the space. Indoor plants also have added health benefits of purifying the air to reduce stress. If you can’t be out there enjoying nature, you might as well bring it indoors.

7. Embrace ergonomics

It may not be a glamourous tip, but styling your home office with ergonomics in mind is important. Considering working from home is here to stay for a while, choosing a chair that is supportive and a desk that allows you to sit in the right position is imperative.

8. Step up your storage game

Storage not only allows you to organise your work and stationary but also enhances your styling ability. A well-styled shelf with books and a pot plant can lift the look and feel of your workspace. Smaller office storage can leave your desk feeling organised and clean while keeping you focused on the task at hand.

9. Decorate with your favourites

Showcase decor pieces that reflect your personality or have deep meaning to you. Think family photos, travel mementoes or favourite artworks. A beautiful rug can enhance the overall appeal of your workspace. Take a look at the extensive range at DecoRug.

10. Keep Inspired

If you’re running your own business or keen to tick off some goals, styling your home office with a vision board can be a game-changer. We’re fans of an oversized pinboard with magazine cutouts, inspirational quotes and photos to help keep you aligned with your priorities.

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