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Incorporating Muted Tones When Designing A Bedroom

Using muted tones when designing a bedroom creates a tranquil and calming space. Our lives are so busy, and we are under what feels like constant stress, so it is essential that we create a calming environment for where we rest our heads at night. Muted tones are a huge trend this autumn and we are seeing them be particularly popular within bedroom design. Inspired by nature and organic elements, in today’s post we are sharing how you can incorporate these into your bedroom space to create the ultimate retreat.

The Colour Palette

When thinking about the colour palette for a bedroom using muted tones, it is important to think back to nature and natural colours. We recommend using a base colour palette of soft white, light beige and warm grey in your larger furniture pieces and decorative furnishings such as the bed linen. These will create a soothing and calming backdrop for any muted colours to pop against. Next, you can add soft furnishings and decorative accessories in colours such as sage green, blush pink or a muted brown to bring life through in a subtle way. Head into stores such as Provincial Home Living and Koala Living to see how they have used a muted toned colour palette in their displays.

Decorating With Muted Tones

Our biggest tip when designing a bedroom space is to keep the large furniture pieces such as the bed, bedside tables, chest of drawers and occasional chairs in a neutral tone. This then allows you to inject some colour in a subtle way through the use of soft furnishings. Soft furnishings can include items such as cushions, blankets, throws, curtains, and rugs. We love using warm muted tones for the curtains and rugs for example creamy white, light beige, warm grey or soft brown. Cushions and throw blankets are where you can have fun with colour in a soothing way and use tones of soft green, blue or pink to inject personality. We love the gorgeous range of soft furnishings on offer at Bed Bath n Table and Adairs and be sure to head into Deco Rug to view their amazing rug options too.

Using Texture

When decorating and designing with a muted colour palette it is important to create interest through using texture. Natural and lightweight fibres are perfect to incorporate with this design style as they pair perfectly with the colour palette suggested. Use fabrics such as wool, textured cotton and linen for your bed linen and upholstered furniture pieces such as bed heads, ottomans, and occasional chairs. We recommend embracing texture when selecting your cushions and throw blankets and choosing items with a beautiful, soft fibre for a natural look. Provincial Home Living offer a wide range of furniture and home decorative accessories that use natural textures and finishes. We love their range of armchairs, rugs, and cushions in particular.

Setting The Tone For The Space

Once you have selected all your furniture and home décor pieces and your colour palette of muted tones is in check, then comes setting the tone for the space. This is the finishing element of a bedroom design and must not be forgotten when creating a tranquil and calming oasis. Finishing touches include ensuring you have a beautiful fragrance on hand through the use of candles and room sprays. We recommend going for a natural scent such as sage, cedarwood, jasmine or bergamot. You can pick up some beautiful home fragrances from retailers such as Adairs and Bed Bath N Table. Next, is to make sure the lighting in your bedroom is calming and allows for a soft and muted effect. We love using beautiful bedside table lamps or floor lamps for ambient lighting instead of the main downlights of an evening. It is also a great idea to install a dimmer to your bedroom, so you can adjust the lighting to suit your every need.

This Autumn at Nunawading Homemaker HQ we are embracing muted tones and creating calming spaces in your home. Make sure to head in store and view the beautiful range of furniture and homewares options on offer. You can also speak to our friendly staff to see how you can incorporate muted tones into your bedroom today!

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