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8 Autumn makeover tips

Shorter days and cooler weather – Autumn has arrived and it is the ideal season to give your home’s interior a bit of TLC. This Autumn we’re coming back home and inviting the outside in. We’re looking to nature for inspiration in our interiors, adding layers of depth to our spaces and finding ways to allow movement to flow through each room. Given you’re likely to spend more time indoors, freshening up your interior will make the cooler days in, all the more enjoyable.

Here we share our top trending 8 Autumn makeover tips to reconnect and breathe new life into your space this season.

1. Cosy up your abode this Autumn – Texture on texture

Layering is key this season, so that you can combine and pare back where needed. Create warmth through colour and tactile patterns that can be draped and layered over furnishings. A cohesive mix between layers of texture that exude warmth and depth will make a living room feel cosier whilst also adding an eccentric touch. For example, consider styling your sofa with a wool throw and opulent velvet cushions. Heavy curtains and faux furs will also help channel an extra dimension to your interior. Visit our Trend Report for more inspiration.

2. Dress your floor – An easy, subtle touch

Whether you have timber flooring, carpet or tiles, you can always add warmth and depth to your living room through the use of rugs. Choose a rug of a size that will help ground your furniture that will unify your design, like those on display at DecoRug.

3. Overhaul your lighting – An easy switch

With the shorter days and lack of natural light, enhance the atmosphere of your living room by overhauling your lighting. Rather than rely on your overhead lights, warm up the mood with floor or table lights. You’ll find a wide collection of modern lights to choose from at Koala & Tree.

4. Play with Muted Tones – Inspired by nature

Muted tones are trending this Autumn and suit almost every design style. We’re talking natural and soft swatches inspired by fibres such as linen and wool. Use pastels in a varied tonal range and strengths to add depth to the room, bringing it to life. Visit our Trend Report for more inspiration.

5. Reconsider your heating – Feel warmth

If you are prepared for a more significant makeover, you may want heating to be up the top of your priority list. Nothing beats a wood fire during the cooler months heading into Winter, but if you want to look at a more energy-efficient solution such as reverse-cycle air conditioning. For a quick solution to keep you warm this season, portable panel heaters can give you the warmth you need and be discrete for your modern design style.

6. Find tranquillity – Immerse yourself

Seek inspiration from nature this Autumn and introduce a sense of calm, returning to nature. This season, consider pairing with linens, natural textures and emanating a softness that relaxes the space, switching off from the stress of everyday life. You can achieve this natural cohesion and depth by layering different tones and shades of green in varying degrees injecting the outside in with texture and richness. Visit our Trend Report for more inspiration.

7. Reconfigure your furniture layout – New season, new purpose

How do you use your living room during Autumn? Do you like to snuggle up with a book, play family board games or binge on Netflix? Think about how your behaviour changes as you spend cold days and nights inside and rearrange your furniture layout to accommodate these activities.

8. Introduce Harmony – Flowing and graceful pieces

Contrast round and organic shapes by incorporating different patterns and textures in a space. This allows movement to carry through the room and appear more welcoming and inviting. It disrupts yet compliments the geometric furnishings we’ve become accustomed to. Visit our Trend Report for more inspiration.

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